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PLEASE NOTE - this is information collated from freely available information on the internet - mostly reported in tabloid newspapers. Tabloid newspapers are not always 100% accurate. If you know of any errors, omissions or other problems with this biographical note please contact me, and I will change / remove it.

Family Background

Jasmine Lennard was born on July 26, 1985. She lives with her mum, actress Marilyn Galsworthy (b. 1954) and two sisters, Pandora (b. 1989) and Jessica (b. 1983), both of whom are said to be "very academic" in Fulham, West London.

Pandora is still at school (all-girls private St Paul's Girls School) while Jessica has recently graduated in Law from all-girls St. Hilda's College Oxford. While she was there, Jessica organised a protest calling on the college to admit men - at the time she told The Guardian and other papers: “We need to get rid of the stereotype that girls at St Hilda’s are unattractive, socially inept lesbians and stupid.”

Here is Jasmine with her blond older sister Jessica, who is, as you can see, definitely not "unattractive" but not quite as cute as Jasmine: (click for full size pic)

Here is Jasmine's younger sister Pandora:

Mum Marilyn played the assistant to the villain Stromberg, played by Curt Jurgens, in the 1977 James Bond Film The Spy Who Loved Me. She has one line in the film and then meets a grisly end - Stromberg discovers she was selling secrets of his submarine activity and she is fed to the sharks in the underwater fortress Atlantis.

Speaking about the possibility of Jasmine following in her footsteps as a Bond girl, Marilyn said:

"I'd be thrilled if Jasmine gets it. It's early days at the moment. I guess for me it's a case of taking the old donkey out to grass!"

Talking about her role in the Spy Who Loved Me 28 years ago, she said: "All I said was 'Yes' before I was fed to the sharks. When we were filming my death, I was dangling my feet in the freezing water when some of the crew decided to pull my legs under. The camera was still rolling and I was drowning."

"The producer Cubby Broccoli liked what he saw, so when you see me on film it's not brilliant acting but me nearly dying."

On TV, Marilyn was also in The Professionals as a guest star, and a regular cast member of the wartime drama Danger UXB and the wartime comedy Backs to the Land as the posh " Daphne Finch-Beauchamp". She was also in the theatre including the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Here is Jasmine's mum Marilyn:

Jasmine's grandmother was one of the original Dior and Chanel models.

Early life and education

Her mum and dad are divorced, but her dad lives nearby. Her dad is Brian Lennard, the playboy multi-millionaire who founded the Sacha shoes empire, whom she describes as “her best friend”, her counsellor and general advisor. She does compare her family to The Osbournes; "completely dysfunctional but with hearts of gold".Jasmine says her childhood was very glamorous and privileged.

She describes her upbringing as "elite, wild and privileged". But she has had a tough time in her short life. Jasmine was brought up in Belgravia, Bel Air and the Cote d'Azur. Jasmine and her sisters were picked up from school every day in a Rolls-Royce, they had five houses, butlers, nannies and cooks.

However, her father reportedly lost the family fortune on the gaming tables and left them penniless, at which stage Marilyn and Brian got divorced.

Sex, Drugs and Rehab

The turmoil sent Jasmine off the rails and she "descended into a drugs binge".

Jasmine spent much of her teens so wasted on drugs that at one stage she was given just six months to live. At 14 she was on the Pill, kept marijuana spliffs under her pillow and smashed up her mother's car.

By 17, she had stolen thousands of pounds from her mother to pay off menacing drug dealers, and even checked into five-star London hotels for three-day sex and drugs orgies, with bowls filled with high-grade cocaine.

Her addiction to the class A drug got so bad that she was forced into rehab. Jasmine confessed: "I started smoking weed at a young age, and then I moved to cocaine and it very, very quickly got out of control."

At the height of her addiction Jasmine changed schools EIGHT times before enrolling at a local college at 17.

She became nearly skeletal, much to her family's horror. Her older sister Jessica admits; "I saw her getting thinner and sicker - she lost everything. She wasn't in school, she lost her friends and was even losing her looks. She'd sleep in for four days at a time, not eating and keeping the lights switched off. She was destroying herself."

Jasmine said: "I always knew that there was something wrong from a very young age. It was kind of, not being able to deal with my feelings."

"Really it was a matter of hitting rock bottom and saying, 'I don't want to be like this'. And I did."

She shocked her family by going into rehab and has now been clean since 2003.

She said: "People think it's like a spa, going into treatment, because Kate Moss did it. I'll tell you it wasn't. I had a sex addict on one side of me and I had some other nutcase who kept coming into my room at night, and people with no clothes on running around."

"I changed everything, the way I think, behave, talk, act, and I stopped taking the drugs. I'm not a party girl any more, I'm not out to please people any more - I'm not an act. I'm the real deal me."

Jasmine added: "I still know how to enjoy myself. I'm on a natural high."

Famously she was in rehab im the Priory at the same time as Kate Moss two years ago.

Starts career in modelling

Starting a career as a model and actress, according to Jasmine, is a way to get back some of the things her family has lost.

She said: "It's almost better to have never had it than to have had it and lost it. But I want that house that we lost back, that car. I'll get it."

Make Me A Supermodel - March 2005

Foxy but feisty Jasmine first came to national prominence as a contestant in the British TV version of America's Next Top Model - Make Me A Supermodel.

The premise of Make Me A Supermodel is familiar: 13 girls compete for a contract with the Select model agency and a photoshoot with Glamour magazine. But like all reality shows, its success hinges on at least one contestant becoming a potential star - a personality whom viewers care about and debate endlessly.

From day one, Jasmine was the big hit with viewers. Her spoilt and outrageous behaviour, snobbish backbiting and tantrums delivered in a cut-glass accent won her the nickname ‘Rich Bitch’ and admirers and detractors in equal measure. Despite being voted off in third place, and several bust-ups with show host Rachel Hunter, Jasmine had entered the public consciousness.

She went on to face Anne Robinson in the "Weakest Link" reality TV special.

Trust Me I'm a Holiday Rep - September 2005

She was back on the small screen in late summer 2005 with Five's "Trust Me, I'm a Holiday Rep!" in which she appeared with minor celebs Syd Little, Jodie Marsh, Jordan Knight, Scott Wright and Nina Myskow.

As usual, her feisty temperament got the better of the show - and provided the only real entertainment.

After some fabulous one-liners ("Do you know who I am? Well you should do - if you read Tatler you would but judging by your clothes it's obvious you don't!"), Jasmine was sacked after just 5 days for "Gross Misconduct" and replaced by ex Big Brother star Nadia.

Cue 6m men turning the show off - and Jasmine's star beginning to rise even faster.

Jasmine spent 2005 in a whirl of parties - it seemed like she was invited to every launch and premiere going. From Vanity Fair's London fashions week party, to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory launch, she was there, often in a stunningly revealing dress.

Revolver - 2005

Jasmine has a small part in Guy Ritchie's critically panned movie Revolver. However she turned up to the premiere in September 2005 in a stunning, slinky, revealing dress, and upstaged Madonna, getting coverage in much of the UK press.

James Bond - Casino Royale - October 2005

Jasmine told newspapers in October 2005 that she had been asked to screen test for the new James Bond Movie starring Daniel Craig. If 20-year-old Jasmine wins the role, it will be the first time a mother and daughter have been Bond girls. Jasmine, whose mother is 51-year-old actress Marilyn Galsworthy, is yet to be screen tested but confirmed she is talking to producers at Sony Pictures, makers of the £57million movie, about taking a minor role.

"It's at early stages and nothing has been confirmed, but I am in talks," she said. "As soon as I heard the producers wanted to see my biography and pictures I was incredibly excited."

Jasmine went on: "I'm sure every girl in the world harbours a secret ambition to be a Bond girl, and growing up with a mother who played one only inspired me even more.

"If I get to be in this one I'll be delighted. I wouldn't care if it was the smallest role in the whole movie. I would rather like to play the baddie, though. I'd have to toughen up for the action scenes, but that's the part I'd most like.

"It's a bit boring being one of Bond's lovers. All you get is a bit of fun under the sheets in the final scene. Being the baddie is much more exciting."

Jasmine's attitude to life

But if the modelling and acting doesn't pay off for Jasmine, she had plans with her property developer ex-boyfriend to buy and run a hotel. "We'll call it Jasmine's," she revealed to a newspaper.

The three things that make her angriest are "cheating men, dishonest friends and overpriced minicabs". She doesn't read books, but does read all the glossy mags and watches a lot of reality TV, Fashion TV and music channels.

She admires Paris Hilton because she is "stunning and privileged" and loves Victoria Beckham. Jasmine has had a boob job - AA to B cup - and says her best features are her "interesting facial features" and cat-like eyes.

Jasmine describes her occupation as “lunch, shop and eat professionally”.
She says her autobiography would be called “All Eyes on Me”.

Jasmine currently has a boyfriend whose name has not been reported, however her ex is London property developer James Harris, 9 years her senior.


Celebrity Gossip and News

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Jasmine has a small role in the latest Guy Ritchie movie "Revolver".

Over the weekend of 15/16 October 2005, she told newspapers she had won the part of a Bond Girl in the upcoming Bond film Casino Royale - she said: "It's really hush-hush. I'm not sure which girl I'll be playing yet but I don't want to be a stereotypical Bond girl.It would be more fun to be the villain - I know all about that. Since appearing in Make Me A Supermodel, I'm continually being cast as the bad girl"


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