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"To be a model is to be a clothes peg with attitude, charm and charisma"

"My occupation is to lunch, shop and eat professionally”

On "Trust me I am a Holiday Rep", talking to one of the staff who was trying to tell her what to do: "Do you know who I am?" and when she replied 'No', "well you should do - if you read Tatler you would but judging by your clothes it's obvious you don't!"

"If nobody's heard of me, explain to me why I've been in six different magazines in the last two weeks and have a fifteen thousand pound car sitting outside my house".

On the Rep boss on the show: " Moss needs to get laid"

As she started her Holiday Rep stint: " I’m going to think less about the rep part, and more about the holiday. I am much more interested in getting a good tan."

(on an admirer sending magnums of Cristal champagne to her restaurant table) "I was very flattered to be receiving so much attention. Even though the guy was very sweet, it was not quite enough to make me leave my boyfriend. Maybe he could try diamonds next time."

On her fellow Make Me a Supermodel contestants: " "I was the winner of the show. No doubt. Because look where I am now... where the f*** are they?"

On Emily - another contestant: "I've never seen a wet fish be so applauded in my life"

On Antoinette - another contestant: " "the attitude problem is Antoinette, she's a f***ing bully, she has a loud and obnoxious mouth, she has no idea about behaving like a lady... she behaved in the most disgraceful 'gutter' way that I've ever seen in my life and has been rewarded, I think it's disgusting."

"I'm on TV because im TEN TIMES better good looking than YOU sweetheart"

To the Cheeky Girls - as she pushed them out of the way at the Ginger Bar launch party in London - "You're not as famous as me."

"I don't want to be a stereotypical Bond girl.It would be more fun to be the villain...I'm continually being cast as Bad Girl Jasmine."

"It's a bit boring being one of Bond's lovers. All you get is a bit of fun under the sheets in the final scene. Being the baddie is much more exciting."


On Rachel Hunter:

"Rachel said she was just like a mother hen. But she is more like a battery farmer who decapitates all her chicks."

"I couldn't believe Rachel's attitude towards me. She wasn't professional. She allowed her personal feelings to interfere with her judgment. She's a fat bitch past her sell-by date who cost me winning the show."

"After the things she said about me, I'd like to tell her: Rachel, you are fat. Rachel, you are spotty. Rachel, you are finished. I can only suggest she throws out the truckload of make-up she uses and hires a new personal trainer."

"She's built like a quarter-back"


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